Engineering & Project Management

The NTG engineering services team provides an operator the option to outsource its drilling and/or completion engineering when applicable, allowing them greater flexibility in accommodating the ever-changing demands of the oil and gas industry.

From preparing an AFE to assisting with the drilling program, we take the time to fully understand each project’s challenges and goals—and then apply our expertise and personnel to get the job done right.

NTG engineering services include:

  • Verification Services
  • Project Management
  • Cost Analysis
  • Drilling Programs
  • Completion Programs
  • Workover / Recompletions
  • Re-Entry / Sidetracks
  • Operations Training

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Project Management Services

In addition to engineering services, NTG also provides a wide range of project management services to best suit your needs and objectives. In a typical project management situation, the NTG team of engineers:

Prepare An AFE

Plan A well design and drilling program

HOLD Pre-job and pre-spud meetings

BID necessary services

RECOMMEND A qualified and experienced wellsite supervisor for location

ACT As superintendent during the drilling and/or completion operation

As an operator client, you can be as hands-on as you choose. You can expect morning and evening reports daily, customizable key milestone notifications during the operation based on your preferences and alerts when the conditions call for a change from the pre-approved well plan. And although our goal is to provide you with the highest level of expertise and support, we also want to ensure that you are given insight into our services, every step of the way, through various communication updates.

NTG Project Management Services include:

Regulatory & Environmental Services, Midstream Operations, Verification Services

  • Operations Management
  • Drilling / Completion Programs
  • Project Management
  • Workover / Recompletions
  • Cost Analysis
  • Re-Entry / Sidetracks
  • Operations and Production Services
  • Operations Training


A Few Impressive Facts

  1. NTG project management services is a leading expert in well management with 15 highly experienced engineers on staff.
  2. Today, we have managed drilling operations for 50 different operators and producers.
  3. We also have managed frac and stimulation projects for our 20 clients in shale plays throughout the U.S.
  4. NTG project management services staff has managed projects in every major unconventional shale play throughout the U.S.

NTG Environmental is a Houston, Texas based environmental consulting firm specializing in providing the oil and gas industry comprehensive and integrated environmental solutions to meet regulatory requirements, manage liabilities, and minimize costs over the lifecycle of a project. For over two decades, NTG Environmental has been a single source firm serving oil and gas companies throughout the US to deliver sound scientific analysis and strategic, sustainable solutions.

NTG Environmental, formerly known as CARR Environmental Group, Inc., was officially acquired in 2012 strategically expanding to a full spectrum of environmental and engineering services as well as increasing the regional footprint.

With offices in Fort Worth, Midland, Denver and Canonsburg, PA, NTG Environmental is able to provide regionally customized solutions in six core areas including:

Environmental Due Diligence
Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. Compliance Audits. Third Party Audits. Asset Retirement Obligations.
Water Quality & Natural Resources
Pre-Drill Environmental Site Assessment. Wetlands Determinations. Wildlife Habitat Assessment. Baseline Water Sampling.
Site Assessment, Remediation & Site Closure
Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. Remediation. Spill Response and Pit Closure.
Air Quality Compliance
Air Permitting. Air Dispersion Modeling. Compliance Assistance.
Regulatory Compliance & Permitting
Environmental, Health & Safety Management Compliance System Development. Seconded Staff Assignments. Health and Safety Program/ Manual Development.

Safety Services

In today’s oilfield, safety compliance and training is extremely important in ensuring a safe working environment and efficient operations. In fact, service companies can make themselves more marketable to their customers, and consultants can broaden their client base, by simply complying with HSE orientation requirements that many operators already require.

That’s why, at NTG, we are committed to providing services that promote the safest work environment possible. Along with our well management, engineering and consulting services, we also provide services that promote a safe work environment for the upstream, downstream, manufacturing and industrial operations. Some of the safety services we provide include: safety program development and management, site safety consultants, incident investigation, expert witness testimony, third-party site program audits and computer, web and classroom-based training.

We also offer SafeLand and SafeGulf, two classroom safety orientation courses currently required by several operators and accepted as the required HSE orientation by numerous other operators. NTG Safety is accredited through IADC to provide these courses and has a certified instructor on staff. Rather than trying to fit your personnel into a training facility’s course schedule, courses can be held at NTG’s training facility, at your facility or at a local hotel—all on your schedule.

Safety Services include:

  • On-site Safety Coordinator
  • Safety procedure development and implementation
  • Safety training courses as well as computer and web-based training sessions
  • Incident investigations
  • Safety audits and inspections
  • Safety management systems development
  • Safety meeting presentations and facilitations

FOR MORE INFORMATION on the courses, open dates and current class schedule, contact John Lund, CSP:



In 2012, New Tech Global and RHS LATAM, a 100% owned Mexican company with more than 10 years experience in recruitment and personnel management, formed a joint venture to provide superior personnel to companies who experience governmental noncompliance issues surrounding the petroleum industry in Latin America.

Learn more about NTG-RHS LATAM:


NTG midstream services are offered with the mission of providing wellhead to burner tip services for energy producers, leasehold and royalty owners, gas gatherers, processors, marketers, and industrial energy consumers.
Our midstream services draw upon an extensive network of talented energy and technology professionals with comprehensive knowledge of state-of-the-art capabilities and services.
To date, our team has evaluated, designed and installed a variety of production, gathering, compression, treating, processing and marketing facilities. Additionally, we have completed asset evaluations and due diligence, provided potential gas reserve evaluations for obtaining capital and/or partner investment, evaluated pipeline and marketing options and conducted facility cost/work studies.
Whether your existing resources are needed elsewhere or simply don’t exist at all, our team is always ready to step in and help you meet your business objectives.

Midstream Services


  • Pipeline / Compression Design & Installation
  • Plant Treating / Process Engineering & Installation
  • H2S, CO2, Helium & N2 Recovery Expertise
  • Facility P&ID & Plot Plan Drawings
  • Facility Start-up & Compliance Analysis


  • Investment vs. Contracted Midstream Services
  • Economic Analysis to Facilitate Capital Acquisition
  • Analysis of Gas Reserves & Gathering Alternatives


  • Pipeline Systems Hydraulic Analysis
  • Compressor Optimization
  • Contract Operations & Technical Support
  • Engineering, Operations & Safety Audits


  • Strategic Analysis of Alternatives
  • Contract Development & Negotiations
  • Settlement Statement Analysis
  • Joint Owner Contracts


  • Production, Gathering & Plant Facilities
  • Contract Evaluations
  • Due Diligence


  • Gas Market Alternative Evaluations
  • Connection Agreement & Installation
  • NGL Pipeline & Fractionation Analysis

FOR MORE INFORMATION Contact Robert Tuttle:


NTG has expanded their success of placing the right consultant with the right operator to the area of direct hire services.

By connecting your organization with top talent, NTG provides a tailored talent acquisition process for our clients based on their needs. Our recruiters identify both active and passive candidates both in and outside the oil & gas industry for positions from administrative and IT to oilfield services and engineering.

Direct Placement Positions:

  •  Engineering (encompasses R&D, all engineering disciplines, field engineers, field sales engineers, and
  • includes drilling & completions).
  •  Operations (any operations related position, supply chain, operations management, could include
  • manufacturing, sales, etc.)
  •  Information Technology (IT) – All IT positions ranging from enterprise architecture which included
  • programmers, DBAs, Data warehousing, software engineering, development, business analysts, HRIS,
  • etc…IT Security (security engineers, administrators, security programmers)
  •  Systems and Networks – network engineers, systems administrators, network administrators,
  • connectivity, network analysts, etc.
  •  IT Project Management (Executive levels such as CIO’s)
  •  Corporate Support – accounting, finance, human Resources, audit, marketing and executive level
  • positions.

The Client Experience:

  • NTG provides a personal approach to each client. Our relationship is built on trust and reliability. We strive to surpass the client’s expectations in multiple ways: we look for technically sound, driven individuals that match your company’s culture. Ethics and experience is what sets NTG apart from conventional placement firms. Our team of recruiters have backgrounds in corporate recruiting which enhances the client experience.
  • NTG will tailor our recruiting efforts to your needs. For example, our team will prescreen the candidate(s) and determine if they are the right fit for the company and position. The hiring manager will receive a full candidate description highlighting the relevant skills related to the job. If the client would like to proceed with an interview, NTG will assist in coordinating the interview with both parties. Other services include weekly updates to the hiring managers, reference checks, onboarding prescreening assessments and offer negotiations.
  • Your organization will be assigned an Account Manager/Recruiter based on your desired needs. We have a team of recruiters who specialize in multiple disciplines to ensure your organization is connected to top talent.



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