At NTG, we take a more personal approach when it comes to consulting. When you join our team, you will be connected with one of our highly experienced Consultant Agents, who will work to provide the best in dependable customer support, expertise and guidance throughout your relationship.

Partnered with state of the art technology used to update and manage your placements, we can ensure consistency, superior service and reliable payment – providing you with the preferences and capabilities you need to succeed.

Thanks to this winning formula, over 600 active independent consultants, and more than 5,000 consultants in network, have joined the NTG team to date. When we asked why they chose NTG Consulting, the top three reasons were:

  • Unparalleled communication & assistance support throughout the relationship
  • Exceptional rates, trusted bi-monthly invoicing and electronic payment
  • Access to a wide array of projects worldwide

Positions & Expertise

Our Consulting Positions

NTG Consulting provides services to over 400 Oil and Gas Operators—both domestically and internationally. Consulting positions available include:

  • Drilling and Completion Supervisors
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Completion and Production Engineers
  • Safety, Construction, Regulatory, Facility, Logistics and Clerk Consultants

Our Areas of Expertise

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Deepwater drilling and completion operations
  • Shelf drilling and completion operations
  • Casing drilling design and operations
  • Horizontal drilling and completion operations
  • Underbalanced drilling operations
  • Managed pressure drilling and operations
  • Extended reach drilling and operations
  • High pressure/high temperature drilling and completion operations
  • Production engineering, ESP’s, and artificial lift
  • HWO, coiled tubing and slickline operations




Below is the list of requirements needed by NTG.

  • Comprehensive Resume
  • Minimum of (3) Operator References
  • Drug Test
  • Valid and current credentials
  • Valid Driver’s License and Auto Insurance
  • Wellsite Supervisors should have an average of 3 years of experience in wellsite supervision.


Choosing the right consulting firm is one of the most important decision you will make in your career. In addition to the financial benefits, there are many things to consider before choosing the right firm or deciding to remain independent. We understand the steps involved are complicated and recommend starting the process by getting answers to these smart questions.


How long has the FIRM been in business?
New Tech Global has been in business since 1998.
How has the FIRM weathered industry downturns in the past?
On average during industry downturns New Tech Global has beat the market by 20% - What that means to you is we have 20% more consultants working when others are looking for work.
Does the FIRM have solid, strong relationships with Operators you are working for?
Although there are many operators in the industry New Tech Global has a dedicated sales force focused on maintaining established relationships within the account as well as seeking out new relationships every day.
Does the FIRM pay in a reasonable amount of time regardless of their billing status with the Operator? Operators commonly pay between 30 – 90 days.
New Tech Global pays bi-monthly through direct deposit regardless of the Operators billing status.


Does the FIRM offer 24-hour access should you need assistance?
Our Consultant Agents and Sales Team are on continuous call. Should you miss them, NTG has a dedicated receptionist and answering service outside office hours who will relay your message immediately.
Does the FIRM offer a dedicated representative to handle your most important needs: such as billing, payment, and placement?
New Tech Global’s Consultant Agent is dedicated to assist you for any reason necessary. NTG also has billing staff on site to answer any questions or handle any problems.
If you wanted to work in another part of the country or world, does your FIRM have the ability to place you there? Or are you forced to take the position they offer you?
With office locations in Houston, TX; Midland, TX; Ft. Worth, TX; Lafayette, LA; Denver, CO; Canonsburg, PA and in Mexico City through NTG-RHS LATAM and our alliance with Schlumberger IPM, NTG has numerous options for domestic and international work. NTG will never force you to take a position or stay on a position.
Should you need financial assistance, does your FIRM have the ability to provide you an advance before you go to location?
Under extreme circumstances New Tech Global has the ability to provide a financial advance to a consultant only if he is currently scheduled to work for an operator and a reimbursement plan has been established.
If you are currently with a FIRM, how often do they contact you (in person, over the phone, or via email)?
With numerous office locations, New Tech Global has an open door policy should you be in the area. Our Consultant Agents make it a priority to visit with you (in person, over the phone or via email) monthly.
Does the FIRM have any conditions associated with personal payment?
New Tech Global provides reliable bi-monthly invoicing and electronic payment, provided all documentation requirements are met.


What course of action does the FIRM take should you get sued while performing your duties?
New Tech Global has an active risk management program, including contractual protections and insurance policies that have to-date prevented its consultants from ever being held financially responsible for work-related lawsuits.
Does the FIRM decrease your compensation if the Operator sues the FIRM?
New Tech Global has never reduced a Consultant’s payment to cover a casualty loss.
Does the FIRM have a non-compete? If so will the FIRM guarantee work or financial assistance during the duration of the non-compete?
New Tech Global does not have a non-compete. We do, however, have a clause in our agreement that says, should NTG place you on a job with an Operator, you cannot switch to another FIRM during that job. Many of our consultants have agreements with other firms.
If the Operator you are working for stops paying its bills due to bankruptcy or other reasons, will you get paid for the work you did up to that point?
New Tech Global has and always will pay the Consultant for the properly documented work he has done regardless of the financial status of the Operator.
Does the FIRM carry general liability insurance required by the Operator?
New Tech Global will provide the general liability insurance required by the operator.


Does the FIRM have engineers on staff?
New Tech Global has engineers available in each office.


Should an accident occur on location, what actions will the FIRM take to ensure your well-being?
New Tech Global has a Safety Manager on staff you can contact immediately for assistance to fill out an accident report and will be available should any further assessment be required.


Does the FIRM have the ability and experience to place consultants internationally?
New Tech Global has placed consultants in over 25 countries. We are currently registered in: Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica, and Ecuador and in the process of registering in Brazil, Argentina and Poland. NTG has been placing consultants internationally for over 6 years. As a result, in 2010, New Tech signed a worldwide agreement to provide wellsite consultants and engineering services for Schlumberger Integrated Project Management (IPM) activities across the globe.
Does the FIRM address the proper steps to ensure your ability to work in another country?
New Tech Global works with the operator to address the proper steps to confirm physical requirements, visas, and other factors involved to assist the consultant in working internationally prior to placement and rotation.

That you need to know

At NTG, we have built our business around the most important needs of our Consultants. We are proud to provide dedicated, 24-hour service to ensure access and support in your time of need. Similarly, NTG has the legal team and Engineering staff to provide expert advice and assistance for proper planning and management to circumvent and manage industry risks. Our track record over the years, despite economic downturns, is a testament to our proven leadership, strength and financial credibility.

We welcome your questions. NTG really offers a better way to work. During past industry downturns, NTG on average beat the market by 20%.

  • What that Means to You—20% MORE Consultants were working when other firms could not find consultants work.

Since NTG opened its door in 1998, no consultant has testified in court or been asked to cover legal fees.

  • What That Means To You—Peace of mind knowing NTG’s legal team is there to support you.

NTG has six US offices including Fort Worth, Midland, Oklahoma City, Denver and Canonsburg, PA. Internationally, NTG has branch offices in Mexico City, Dubai and Guyana.

  • What That Means To You—Choice to travel the world or stay close to home.

NTG team member benefits include:

  • Reliable bi-monthly invoicing and electronic payment through NTG
  • Superior personalized partnership with Consultant Agent throughout relationship
  • Regional and Global placement opportunities
  • Positions available for Drilling, Completion and Production Supervisors, Drilling, Completion and Production Engineers, Safety Consultants, Construction Consultants, Regulatory Consultants, Facility Consultants, Logistics and Clerk Consultants.

Register here to become a New Tech Global Consultant today.

Consultant Quotes

  1. Quality of client that NTG attracts.
  2. Knowledge and accessibility of engineering staff.
  3. Instantaneous support of human resources personnel.
- Tony K. - Consultant since 2006

Having NTG as my placement agency has allowed me to focus and enjoy the experience of working on oil and gas well projects without the hassles and worries of dealing with the liability insurance, finding the next project, and chasing down invoices.

- Gregory M. - Consultant since 2006

I like New Tech because the people are honest, sincere, and provide support.

- Charlie M. - Consultant since 2008

I chose New Tech Global Ventures, LLC because the company was well established and well respected in the industry. The personal relationships with the office are a valuable asset to me, I really feel part of a well-managed team.

- Doug B. - Consultant since 2006

New Tech engineers and office personal treat you right. The engineers are the best in the industry. New Tech is a leader in the industry.

- Mike D. - Consultant since 2003

At the time I was not happy with my current firm and kept hearing about New Tech and was very impressed by the people who consulted for them. Being a Vietnam SF Vet, I know the importance of teamwork and surrounding yourself with the best and brightest. New Tech definitely raised the bar for consultants and has earned the respect and reputation for providing the best in the industry.

- Tom K. - Consultant since 2004

It is not often in the oilfield today that honesty and integrity are standards within an organization. New Tech has provided me with ample opportunities to both advance my career and expose me to new challenges. The mindset within your company is as good as any I have worked with.

- Lowell A. - Consultant since 2006

I made many visits to a variety of consultant firms. I knew I was home as soon as I walked through the front door of New Tech Global…NTG’s personnel make you feel comfortable and force that hidden smile to come to surface. Within a hour you meet the whole staff waiting to assist you in any of your needs. After 5 years I still thank God, I walked through their doors.

- Rick R. - Consultant since 2007

The folks at NTG set this company above the rest. I have found that NTG provide full attention to the individual consultant and are very honest and professional in all aspects of their work. They take time to match their customer’s needs with the right consultant. An all-around ‘good job’ to everyone supporting the consultants/customers.

- Rick B. - Consultant since 2003

The transparency that New Tech Global offers when discussing opportunities along with the relationships they build with the consultants and operators are the reasons I recently decided to join this company.

- Tom L. - Consultant since 2012

New Tech has been very good to me and kept me working. The people are great and always available to help.

- Charlie H. - Consultant since 2010
  1. NTG has, is and will always continue to be a Solid & Strong working company.
  2. NTG has upper management and personnel that work well with consultants in the field (you are not a stranger to them.)
  3. NTG is a company that man consultants strive to be a part of and is a company you can grow with.
- Carlous A. - Consultant since 2005
  1. If it wasn’t for NTG, I wouldn’t be a petroleum consultant today.
  2. NTG has successfully kept me busy.
  3. Because NTG is so organized, I’m able to focus my attention on my customer’s needs. Even though NTG is a large corporation, they make me feel like a part of a family instead of just being a number.
- Chris H. - Consultant since 2008

I would like to take a minute out of my day to thank NTG. I have worked in the oil and gas industry for over twenty years, and in that twenty years, I have worked with many companies. NTG is by far the most professional company I have ever had the privilege working with. They truly care about the people that work for them, Thanks NTG.

- Les G. - Consultant since 2012

WOW!! Deb, you rock… I love working with ya’ll. I have NEVER been happier with such a “employee” friendly company. Ya’ll continue to amaze me. Thank you very much for all the YOU do and all the NEW TECH does… In response to a billing issue.

- Bill B. - Consultant since 2011

In over six months that I have contracted through New Tech Global, the company has provided a professional and reliable service. Invoicing is timely and accurate with payments promptly direct deposited. The agents are courteous and knowledgeable and foster a team environment. I highly recommend NTG to consultants desiring a higher level of consultant placement service.

- Jimmy G. - Consultant since 2012

I like working for New Tech because they take care of their people. They help you find employment that fits your particular needs. You are a person and not a number.

- Jackie C. - Consultant since 2011

Our world is ever changing and I’ve seen many in my 37 years in the oilfield. Jobs and opportunities come and eventually go, but through the years (13 with NTG to be exact) and through the changes, NTG has ALWAYS kept me working. I have never worked for a more people friendly organization that truly understands and considers the needs of its consultants. Also, a special thank you to Deb and Brandi for their tireless efforts in going the extra step to get us paid.

- Larry M. - Consultant since 1999

The money is nice, but working for a family (New Tech) is worth so much more. Thanks for taking care of me ya’ll!

- Christopher M. - Consultant since 2010

I have worked through New Tech for almost 2 years now, I have never worked for a more trustworthy and Loyal Consulting Firm. I never have to worry about my paycheck being on time. New Tech goes beyond the call of duty to make sure you are paid in a timely manner. I recommend any one to work for New Tech.

- Savan F. - Consultant since 2011

I have worked as a consultant for 8 years and I have been with New Tech Global for over a year. They are the best people to work for and have always kept me busy. The Consultant Agents have always been there for me when I needed them and routinely called to check up on me. That means a lot to have someone that cares about what you do out on that rig. I plan on staying with NTG as long as they will have me.

- Cecil S. - Consultant since 2004

I want to thank the staff from New Tech for being professional but still friendly. I have found them to be leader’s not just followers in the Oil & Gas Industry. I have enjoyed working for New Tech for about 4 years. I hope to continue working with them for many more years to come.

- Jimmy W. - Consultant since 2008